This is a sample of customer cars showing my disc brake conversions installed. If you have installed one of my kits and would like to see your car featured here, contact me!

1926 Dodge Truck with 1933 GMC Front Axle

A rancher in Utah added disc brakes to his 1926 Dodge truck with a 1933 GMC front axle. He uses the truck for holidays and parades and to show off some truly great patina. A 1926 Dodge truck originally had no front brakes, and this meant there was nothing on the spindle to mount any brakes to – either drum or disc. Adapting a 1933 GMC front axle and spindles to the truck allowed the use of one of my CHV-1933 kits to add disc brakes, making the truck much safer and more fun to drive. Why use a 1933 GMC front axle? He had one available, it was the right width to work, and the 1933 GMC spindles had provisions to mount brakes to.

1938 Pontiac


You probably thought I gave up on my brake job. I kept with it and I am very pleased with the results. I wish I had these kind of brakes years ago. You deserve a medal for creating this kit. I have attached some pics including one of the car. I put adapters on the front and used my original rims. If you ever need somebody to sing your praises, just tell them to contact me. Hope all is well with your family. All the best from the happy 1938 Pontiac owner in Hunts Point, Nova Scotia. All the best, Alex