Currently available kits are listed below, and are grouped based on the compatibility of the original spindles from year to year.

Due to tariffs, the price of stainless steel, A36 plate, and rotors has increased and I need to make some modest price increases that I have been putting off for several years. In order to continue to bring these unique products to you, it is necessary for me to do so. The increases only reflect the actual amount of price bumps I am getting from my machine shops and suppliers. Updated pricing is below for each item.

NOTE 9/8/23: Due to recent increases in the cost of rotors, I have unfortunately had to raise all kit prices by $60 to cover my costs. The updated prices are shown below.


Kit Contents

All of my kits contain the following items:

  • 2 each of: Caliper Brackets, Rotors, Inner Bearings, Outer Bearings, Seals, and Grease Caps.
  • Spacers and Sleeves as necessary to adapt the rotors to your Stock Spindles.
  • Installation instructions, plumbing instructions and trouble shooting guidelines.
  • Tech support from me 24/7, see contact page for details.

Rotors are aftermarket/remanufactured and come standard with a 5″ x 5″ bolt pattern. A custom bolt pattern (5″x4.75″, 5″x4.5″, 5″x5.5″, etc.) is available for an extra $150. If ordering a custom bolt pattern, please allow for an extra 10 day lead time for the machining work. Please see the notes on the Installation page for more details.


NEW! Caliper Package Available

Includes Stock GM Calipers, D52 GM Ceramic pads, Stock 12.5″ brake hoses and banjo bolts in one easy package for just $235.00 plus $75.00 shipping.


Additional Parts Needed

These are the additional parts needed to complete the installation of your disc brake conversion kit, if not purchasing the caliper package. You can order these at your choice of local vendors or from one of the many online parts houses (Speedway Motors, JEGS, etc.). You can use stock style replacement parts, or where specified, aftermarket options. Separating these parts from what I ship in my kit allows me to focus on the important parts of my kits and allows you you to customize the other pieces as needed, save on shipping by purchasing locally, and easily find replacement parts in the future.

  • Pre Loaded Calipers (Stock GM or Wilwood)
  • Hoses (buy to fit)
  • Booster, Master Cylinder, Swing Pedal, and proportioning valve (stock GM or aftermarket)

If you want power brakes, you will also need a vacuum booster or Hydroboost unit. For Hydroboost, your car will need to be equipped a power steering pump.

You will also need a matching disc brake style master cylinder; the Installation page has more details.



See the Installation page for more details.


BCK-19371937 to 1953$459.00
BCK-19541954 to 1956$459.00
BCK-19581958 to 1960$449.00



CAD-19371937 to 1938 8-60$429.00
CAD-19381938 8-60S after engine # 6273009$429.00
CAD-19411941 to 1955$429.00


Chevrolet and GMC

CHV-19281928 to 1932 Chevrolet Passenger and Sedan Delivery$489.00
CHV-19331933 Chevrolet Master and Sedan Delivery$489.00
CHV-19351935 to 1939 Chevrolet and GMC 1/2 Ton Pickups$489.00
CHV-19401940 Chevrolet Master (not knee action)$489.00
CHV-1929A1929 to 1940 Chevrolet ½ ton to 1 ton pickup$489.00
CHV-1929B1929 to 1930 Chevrolet 1½ ton trucks$489.00


Chrysler, Dodge, and Desoto

CDD-19401940 to 1955$489.00

Most years available, depending on your spindle casting number.

You MUST contact me to verify if I have a kit for your spindle casting number before you purchase.
It will be necessary for you to send a spindle to me so I can proof the installation of all parts, ie. brackets, spacers, sleeves, rotor, bearings and seals.



LAS-19371937 to 1938 50 Series$459.00



OLD-1937-681937 to 1938 Oldsmobile 6 & 8$439.00
OLD-19371937 to 1952$459.00
OLD-19531953 to 1956$459.00
OLD-19571957 and 1958$409.00
OLD-19591959 and 1960$429.00



PON-19381938 to 1954$459.00
PON-19551955 to 1956$459.00



If a kit is not listed for your vehicle/year, or you have a unique “one-off” application you are interested in doing a disc brake conversion, please contact me. I am always interested in expanding my coverage and helping out fellow car hobbyists. Generally, all that is needed is a set of original/unmodified spindles to use for mock-up and design purposes. There will be a reduced cost on the final kit in exchange for your assistance in helping me create it. Please contact me for details.

Any years requested other than what is listed above MUST be discussed with me first to see if I can proceed. Many can be done without a problem, BUT, I am finding GM “floated” a lot of parts between early vehicles makes and years. This practice has caused you as the consumer and me as a supplier some problem with my kits fitting as I designed them. This measure has been taken as I am a hobbyist like you and try to do this for fun and to help your folks out. I am NOT a production shop and have to have my parts made for your benefit. Many hours and money has gone into R&D to get to this point. It is becoming a challenge to keep it fun and not a royal pain.

Your consideration with your requests will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!